This photo is from Brunner Road in Vickery, Ohio, on the Sandusky Bay in the 1920s or 1930s.

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Another #tbt from a reader, who submitted this photo of the Jesse Kauffman tobacco farm, Frederick Garland Road, Union Twp., Miami Co., Ohio, 1916.

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What was farm life like in 1907?

This photo, taken in Hesston, Pennsylvania, shows the Corcellus family — Bertha, Peter and their daughter, Carrie — posing with their two work horses. 

A horse team from the 1920s

Roy Cooper is binding wheat in this photo from 1925. The photo was taken in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

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Binding corn stalks was tough work in 1937. Curtis Hively is pulling a corn binder with his Huber tractor in New Waterford, Ohio.

How did farmers get fuel way back when?

This photo answers that question…

Ben Murphy delivered coal, oil and gasoline to farmers in a horse-drawn wagon. In fact, he was a lifeline for many farmers in Ashtabula County, Ohio. 

Notice the fly netting on the horses?

You’re never too young to ride a horse!

John L. Wolfe sits on his horse while his dad, John P. Wolfe, holds the reigns.

The Wolfe family ran a dairy farm near East Letart, Ohio, along the Ohio River.

This photo was taken outside of Broad Run Church in West Virginia, where John L. was born and raised.

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Now THIS is a family photo 

The Kauffman family poses at their tobacco farm in Miami County, Ohio. This photo was taken sometime in 1916

Just a man, his donkey and a wagon

Wayne Cooper Sr. poses with his donkey, Jenny. According to his son, Wayne Cooper Jr., he loved to take his grandchildren for rides in the wagon. This photo was taken in the 1960s.

Hay is for horses!

This photo, taken in 1939, shows Wayne Cooper Sr. driving a wagon filled with hay. How much hay do you think that is?